• Enviro Process Engineering (HK) Co. Ltd.

    “The company is a local water and waste water contractor in which we distribute E&M equipment specialising in water supply and wastewater treatment technology. The products are divided into six categories:”

    1. ) Mechanical hardware and screening equipment , dissolved air flotation, and associated system
    2. ) Biological Treatment and MBR system
    3. ) Sludge dewatering system and associated pumping system
    4. ) Disinfection system by means of UV disinfection and Hypochlorite dosing
    5. ) Deodourisation system and Dehumidification system
    6. ) Actuation device for valve and penstock.

    We mainly provide water treatment process technology and process solution for municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants in Hong Kong, China and Asia markets.
    On behalf of customers we propose and select appropriate imported technology and we undertake various types of wastewater treatment projects and distribution of related equipments around the World.
    Material supplier and professional engineering contractor approved by the HKSAR Government.


    Most of the water treatment facilities have been widely used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. The company focuses on the application of modern technology, and strives to provide customers with excellent products and excellent after-sales service.

    The company can provide the following items / services:

    • Maintenance plan
    • Equipment renovation
    • System update and improvement works
    • Parts supply
    • Design, supply and installation of entire sewage and water treatment systems, ventilation and pumping systems
    • Renovation, refurbishment and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment

    After a long-term engineering practice, the company has accumulated solid water treatment experience in water supply, wastewater treatment, and hopes to cooperate sincerely with all walks of life and strive to protect the environment.