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Nippon Gear Actuator

Nippon Gear IP68 AE electric actuator , in similar to equivalent,  AE its convenient control panel enables the operator to a few minutes into the bell of the non-intrusive setting ( the Setting ).

Without any tools required , without having to open the casing . By three flashing lights on the panel , to display the state of the valve .

Easy-to-understand information and simple selection menus on the panel make operation easier.

Maintenance is also very convenient , and digital information and operating logic ensure fast and efficient service response .

The continuous self-monitoring feature (Self diagnostic) protects the integrity of the valve/ penstock / weir.

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  • Aluminum and ductile iron housings offer durability.
  • Available in weatherproof, submersible, and explosion proof construction for the most demanding environments.
  • All metallic lubricated steel-on-bronze gearing has shaft-supported anti-friction bearings for years of reliable operation.
  • Manual declutching disconnects motor from hand wheel to protect personnel.
  • Torque overload protection in both directions.
  • Units connect within most network configurations.

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